All I See Is Pain In The Mirror

Painful Mirror

There will be days in your life when you’ll receive an uncomfortable text, phone call or message that will make your heart sink, your eyes tear and your mind fumble. You’ll sit there holding your phone while a million thoughts cross your mind faster than shooting stars. You’ll cross paths with a mirror and you’ll realize that all you see is pain.

Unfortunately, these moments will never seize to exist. This is called living life and experiencing suffering; there is no way around it. During these times, you will start questioning your lifestyle, wondering why you’re in the position that you are in. You will even start to put yourself down, like the outcome is somehow your fault.

Most of the time, the outcome is never your fault. Life is known to deliver unexpected and disappointing news; you just have to get used to it. One point to keep in mind is that when your life is going exceptionally well, remember that bad news can present at anytime. If you think like this, at least you’ll be prepared just in case bad news does enter your life.

Experiencing the painful mirror is very unpleasant. All you see when you look straight into it is pain dripping down your face; it’s either invisible or manifested as tears. Usually it’s both. Strangely enough, the beautiful thing about the painful mirror is that you see yourself suffering, reminding you of all the times that you aren’t.

If all you see is pain in the mirror, trust me when I say that you are not alone. So many people right this minute are experiencing the painful mirror; you just don’t know it because you may not know anyone who is suffering as of right now. But for just as many people in the world who are smiling right this second, the same amount are dripping tears down their nasolabial folds.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, why are tears my painful fall?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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