People Who Don’t Try Don’t Fail

Not Moving Forward In Life

There are so many talented adolescents who have so much potential in life, but never reach their full potential because of many factors at play. These adolescents either get involved with drugs, partying or simply adopt bad habits from the start, without their parents correcting them. People who don’t try don’t fail.

What is meant by that? It means that when you don’t apply yourself, you cannot fail because you’re stagnant; you’re not putting yourself in a position to fail at something. As any successful person knows, failing is necessary to become successful; it cannot be done without it.

Many adolescents who are smart and would otherwise do well beyond high school, do not apply themselves academically. Once they reach college, which the majority do because it’s not that hard to, they either drop out or pick a major that will not serve them well in the future. They end up unhappily going in the workforce and barely making ends meet, or they continue to get involved with alcohol and drugs.

There’s also a tendency for teens of the present generation to spend more time at home, rather than moving out and becoming independent. It’s no longer uncommon to hear about 30-year-olds still living at home. It’s actually a very sad situation, even if it’s not for them and their families.

It’s sad because you are not evolving as a person if you have never left the nest. Psychologically, you become comfortable in the place that raised you, rather than spreading your wings to explore the world independently. Of course there are exceptions, such as the son or daughter still being at home to take care of a sick parent, but many are at home because they did not try in life.

Not moving forward in life is a very painful process to experience and to observe. Do you know anyone who is struggling with this scenario?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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