Life Is Like A Movie

Turning Your Life Into A Blockbuster Hit

The difference between a good and a bad movie is not based on one or two factors; its complexity relies on many pieces that come together to display something beautiful or something awfully boring. The same applies with your life: you can either work at improving it every day or slack and allow it to turn into something miserable. Life is like a movie and it depends on you to turn it into a blockbuster hit.

It starts with a positive mindset; this cannot be emphasized enough. Every day, you are presented with different challenges that have an impact on your mental health. One random small change can be enough to drive you off your course and instill negative emotions. As previously said, negativity is part of life and must be experienced, but you must also know how to quickly extinguish it.

It’s not difficult to adopt a positive mindset, but it’s very difficult for many to consistently maintain one in the long run. The more that you practice positivity in the presence of adversity, the better you will become at it. You cannot go through life hoping to automatically be positive without practicing it; there’s just too many triggers that prevent you from doing so.

If you can maintain positivity during the toughest of times, your movie will start shaping into a blockbuster hit; something that everyone wants to learn more about! You are the director, producer, screenwriter and actor of your move. All the other folks in your life just make up the background and noise.

If you can master your life, you will master the movie. In addition to a positive mindset, you must have direction and know what you’d like to accomplish. Without direction, your movie will flop and people will no longer waste their time with you. But having direction is not enough.

You must work to strive in the right direction at all times. If you do not put in the time and effort required to accomplish your goals, your direction ultimately becomes the wrong one. A great movie requires time, patience, direction, fun and entertaining scenes and vibrant characters.

You must remain vibrant, fun, enthusiastic and positive throughout your life. Turning your life into a blockbuster hit is not that difficult, but definitely a challenge. But it’s through challenges that you will obtain the motivation, desire, strength and stamina to end up on top. And what lies at the top?

An awesome film to kick back to with your popcorn and ice-cold Pepsi.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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