Don’t Be Afraid Of Termination

Life Goes On

Life is full of scenarios that ultimately lead to termination. This is the process of life. Without termination, we’d be stuck in never-ending loops of repetitive tasks, relationships and outcomes. Termination is healthy and needed in order for you to progress smoothly throughout life. Don’t be afraid of termination as life goes on.

Termination can occur with your job, friends, therapists or significant others. The cause behind a termination is important to analyze, because it allows you to understand what was done incorrectly or correctly. Termination seems to have an unhappy connotation, but it doesn’t mean that a situation always ends negatively.

Termination can be due to negativity, arguments or disagreements. When this occurs, you have to step back and think to yourself, “Was there something that I could have done better?” Sometimes toxic people need to be removed from your life, resulting in termination; trust the process.

Termination can also be due to a natural conclusion of events. For instance, you are in psychotherapy in order to improve your life and learn more about yourself. All of a sudden, after months or even years of therapy, you find yourself feeling content with your progress and would like to terminate your therapy. In this case, termination is healthy.

Maybe you are not happy at your job, which is affecting your mental health by burning you out and making you feel depressed and not satisfied. So you terminate your position and accept a new job somewhere else. In this case, termination saved your mental health and hopefully placed you in a better position in life .

Trust the process of termination and don’t be afraid of it; it happens all the time to everyone around the world. The saying “life goes on” has a lot of truth behind it, and your life is not an exception. Anything that starts from scratch must eventually come to an end; it’s just a matter of time when it does.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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