Valentine’s Day

Loving Humanity As A Whole

The best part of Valentine’s day is showing care and love to your significant other: surprising them with delicious milky chocolates and colorful flowers while taking them out for a nice dinner. But don’t forget that Valentine’s day can also be applied by loving humanity as a whole; not leaving any pieces behind.

When we focus beyond our ourselves and those around us, we spread more positive energy and love into the world; a rippling effect, reaching many who are unhappily hidden in the confines of their home due to depression, anxiety or substance use. Use your arrows to inflict love upon the world, not just on those around you.

The beauty about loving humanity as a whole despite the cruelty that flourishes, is that we are spreading the right message in the process. This message is called unconditional love or “love without conditions.” We should be willing to spread love and happiness without expecting anything in return.

When we think and act in this way, it spreads a message to others that maybe they should do the same, ideally, setting into motion a chain reaction. It doesn’t matter that we all come from different backgrounds, are different races or hold completely different beliefs; it’s our intentions that matter. If God didn’t love humanity, it would have all ceased to exist with The Great Flood.

But we’re still here. Think about that for a second! It’s because God is about love and we should be too. So how do we spread love on Valentine’s day without coming off as strange, bizarre or weird? You do it with your heart and mind: you act nicely to others, wish well upon them and pray for the world to improve.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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