Blame Culture

Pointing Fingers In Multiple Directions

Blame culture is based on a set of attitudes that are characterized by an unwillingness to take risks or to accept responsibility for mistakes, due to a fear of criticism or prosecution. We all partake in blame culture, whether intentional or unintentional. But most people who point their fingers in multiple directions do it intentionally.

It’s very easy to fall victim to a blame culture, especially when you constantly see others doing it at work or even in your social circles. Rather than accepting responsibility, people default to throwing others under the bus in order to protect their image, self-interests and ego.

Voluntarily participating in the blame culture is a sign of weakness. Many do it because they get away with it by victimizing others around them who are deemed weaker in the way that they carry themselves. People who are deemed weaker are generally shy, introverted and less confident in themselves.

So people who blame others take advantage of these “weaker folks.” But this is absolutely a wrong thing to do; it doesn’t advance our society in any shape or form. If anything, it further alienates us. On the contrary, we need to be helping “weaker people” by encouraging them to come out of their shells and share their true colors with us.

The sad part about it is that blame culture is largely composed of adults. What message are we sending our children and future generations when we act like immature fools? The message is clear: blame others in order to save yourself. This is the mentality carried by the actual weak people in our society.

Blame culture is also why the stigma of mental health still exists today. Rather than being understanding of each other’s struggles, we continue to blame others for their problems: “get your shit together man, stop loping around the house like you’re all depressed. It’s your fault for feeling like this”, “you never do anything productive! It’s just you and that bottle of Jack. That’s why we’re poor!”

These kinds of statements is why mental health progress is not advancing at the rate that it should be. So let’s all come together and put an end to blame culture!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


2 Replies to “Blame Culture”

  1. The problem is that allot of the blame culture is fuelled by money.

    Many are literally paid to look for faults so others can expand them while all earning money doing so.

    So while others have that money racket going on it begins to rub off on the rest causing many from those groups to do the same, except for free due to it looking cool because “cool people” are doing it or like the thing to do these days type of things.

    No different than how they advertised smoking among so many other things and people.

    So naturally they can only blame themselves for lack of understanding before diving in with actual blame and hate in their action plus projections.

    Unless they are exploring themselves online like I do, then dive away and play with those emotions to master them further.

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