Taking A Break From Yourself

Giving Your Ego A Break

Your ego is the mask that you put on in the morning, along with your outfit and hair product. While the latter two are necessary, you can leave the former tucked into your bedroom from time to time. Taking a break from yourself is done by giving your ego a break at the same time. The ego is your sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

Taking a break from yourself is important because it helps you to integrate new thoughts, beliefs and information without overloading your state of mind. You can do this by leaving your ego at home from time to time; give it days off where it can relax and take a breather. What holds people back from doing this is the fear of vulnerability without their ego present.

Whenever you are stroking your ego on a consistent basis, you’re contributing to its inflation; it only grows bigger and bigger is not always better. Bigger egos contribute to more emotional insecurity and uncertainty, poorer relationships and riskier behaviors and decision-making. Bigger egos inflate your natural (healthy) narcissistic traits; natural is good, but supernatural is risky.

Over time, you’ll actually feel better about yourself after having given your ego sufficient breaks. So the question arises, “if I’m leaving my ego at home and my ego is my mask, then what will I be wearing today?” This can be answered with, “why do you have to wear something on your face?”

People want to see the authentic you, and nothing shines brighter than your true self minus the ego. The ego is not meant to be worn every day; utilize it when you need it most, like important meetings, dates, job interviews or any situations that require you to put on your best performance.

But these situations should not be every day, and you should learn to utilize your ego less and less, even in high-pressure situations. The more comfortable that you become without your ego, the more confident, relaxed and joyful you will feel. And your ego will also become a better representation of yourself, when given sufficient time to unwind and rest in the comforts of your bedroom.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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