Taking Time Off From Weed And Alcohol

Appreciation For Different States Of Mind

Everyone enjoys their fair share of poison, whether that’s alcohol, marijuana, gambling or even sex. But when it comes to substances, it doesn’t hurt to take time off from weed and alcohol; in fact, you should be highly considering this process. You can derive much pleasure from life by enjoying sobriety.

One thing to make clear is that this article does not apply to drug or alcohol addicts: if you are suffering from an addiction, then complete sobriety for the rest of your life is what is needed. But for casual users of weed and alcohol who do not have a problem with addiction, taking time off is highly recommended.

For starters, your mind needs a break: it’s not used to being affected by substances on a daily basis. And that’s a good thing because if it were, then that’s what you would call an addiction. Secondly, any substance that you put in your body is neurotoxic; period! There is no arguing with this point; it’s proven by science.

Yes, weed and alcohol make you feel great, but this does not mean that on a cellular level, processes do not become disorganized, chaotic or even start to malfunction. It’s because of this neurotoxicity, that your brain develops an increased chance of experiencing a mental illness.

Excessive alcohol use can lead to depression and anxiety and excessive marijuana use can lead to potential psychotic states. And are we forgetting withdrawal? Yes, withdrawal does happen from chronic and heavy use of marijuana; it’s not a myth. But if you are experiencing withdrawal, you are already in too deep.

The idea is that if you enjoy recreational and responsible use of marijuana and alcohol, you want to take healthy breaks from time to time. For instance, if you have just smoked marijuana for 2 months in a row, you’d be doing yourself a great favor by not consuming it for a few months as well; just allow your mind to enjoy the peacefulness of sobriety.

When you smoke or drink too frequently, your start to develop tolerance: a state of mind that requires a greater quantity of the substance to experience a previous level of high. For instance: 2 beers don’t get you a buzz anymore and 1 joint now wears off in 45 minutes. So what you end up doing is consuming more: causing more neurotoxicity, increasing your tolerance and your chances of developing an addiction.

You have to learn how to enjoy the best of both worlds: having fun consuming substances recreationally and responsibly, and enjoying life in your natural state of mind without any substances in your system. If you can do this, then both experiences become much more significantly enhanced.

This is called appreciation for different states of mind, whether natural or unnatural.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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