Winter Sun

When New Hope Rises Behind The Horizon

Winter for many people can feel like a never-ending passageway deep underground; lost in a cave that you innocently went exploring and can no longer find your way back into humanity. That’s how the winter can feel for many people. These short days which quickly turn into darkness leave you wondering, “Will I ever seem tomorrow again?” The answer is yes, because the winter sun is always shining!

New hope always rises behind the horizon: you just have to notice it and grasp onto it. Winter months may seem very long, especially when it’s cold outside and darkness creeps in early in the evening. But darkness does not consume hope, because hope is always available for anyone who seeks it.

And this hope lies in the winter sun. As its rays rise up every day to give light to this world, we become healed by its warmth and beauty. But those who get lost in depression no longer know how to harness the positive energy provided by the winter sun. And that’s where we can come in as fellow human beings: to help guide those who are lost and show them the way back home.

Remember that you are not alone during the winter: many people experience the “winter blues” or seasonal affective disorder. But the last thing that you want to do is to lose your hope. Your hope is what should be keeping you alive to see another day. Your hope is what is going to prevent you from hurting yourself and others around you.

Through hope, we can come together and defeat depression on a global level. The winter sun is available for all of mankind: God gave his only son Jesus Christ to humanity in order for us to be saved from mental illness, physical disorders, sin and suffering. Through the winter sun, we wake up and rise like Jesus Christ once did.

If you notice somebody who is feeling down or acting outside of their character, say something! Sometimes just a “hello” can make someone’s day: it makes them feel recognized and alive. Don’t seclude yourself into your own selfish world. Reach out to people and show them that you care, even if you don’t know who they are!

Together we can and together we will! This is DSM.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


12 Replies to “Winter Sun”

    1. Yes, we always get stuck on the cold and the darkness, but we forget about the sunshine that is still available around us! Glad that you enjoyed it! Feel free to share with anyone who may benefit πŸ™‚


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