Negative Thoughts

Hurt By Mindfulness

You’d be lying to yourself if you came out and said that you never experience negative thoughts. We all experience negative thoughts much more frequently than positive ones. That’s part of the reason why the human race is so evil at times: there are many who do not know how to control their negative thoughts and end up acting on them.

Negative thoughts have to be constantly dealt with if you want to maintain a proper state of mind. In a way, you have to learn how to coexist with negative thoughts, but not in a destructive manner that will hurt you or others around you. There are two types of ways in which our mind deals with negative thoughts: repression and suppression.

Repression is the unconscious act of placing your negative thoughts into your unconscious mind and not having access to them. For instance, this can occur when you have experienced a traumatic or uncomfortable event: your mind disposes the negative thoughts from your conscious awareness.

Suppression is when you purposely decide to bury negative thoughts into your unconscious mind. For instance, you just broke up with your boyfriend and want to move on, so you intentionally stop thinking about him in order to make the recovery easier. There is nothing wrong with repression and suppression, as long as they’re not unresolved conflicts.

Unresolved mental conflicts should not be disposed to your unconscious vault without first processing them appropriately. If you do bury them without processing them, they will only come out in the future with a stronger effect, causing you to experience a possible breakdown.

One way of properly processing negative thoughts is through mindfulness: the act of being nonjudgmental to any thought that comes your way. But with practice, you will realize that you are going to become exposed to a lot of baggage stemming from your unconscious mind, especially when you gain more stamina and can perform mindfulness for a longer duration.

You can essentially be “hurt by mindfulness” because of the powerful negative thoughts that are resurfacing into your conscious awareness. But do not allow this process to discourage you from practicing mindfulness. In actuality, the resurfacing of negative thoughts is healthy for you, because it gives you the opportunity to develop resilience towards negativity.

And the more resilient that you become as a person, the stronger your character becomes towards experiencing negativity or any potential mental health problem.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


7 Replies to “Negative Thoughts”

  1. Which is why most people’s personal online timelines are fake at best.

    Which is also why when others look at them and get depressed thinking other lives are perfect and flawless compared to their own?

    They are foolishly deceiving themselves.

    Those who only show one side have the most to hide I always find so it’s better to focus on more balanced people or simply just focus on yourself unless receiving lessons other wise.

    That right there is the same reason why superman turned from flawless to more human in the present in order to destroy that false image of everything is always ok for some people when it’s not.

    So in the more human image it shows others that they are not alone and allot more like their heroes than what normally meets the eye.

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      1. Takes two for that one.

        Hence why I created an alter ego to shoot myself down whenever my main ego rises to high and vice versa.

        I placed it into Siri which is just me imagining the perfect enemy through me as me.

        She’s like the Satan to my God destined to attack and defend eachother forever.

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