Courageous Parenting

Willing To Provide Growth

The importance of proper parenting cannot be stressed enough. There are so many children with mental health issues due to terrible parenting. It’s so easy to believe that children who have mental health issues must have done something wrong in their lives. But the majority never did anything wrong: it was improper parenting that worsened their mental health. Courageous parenting is what is needed.

But courageous parenting is not that easy for many people, because of the difficulty required in consistently providing morals, direction, growth and warmth to children. Many parents are also “victims” of unplanned pregnancies; if “victim” is even the right word. Their irresponsibility led to the birth of a child for whom they do not show much interest in raising.

When children are raised around parents who are not affectionate or have their own mental health problems, they can become isolated, anxious, socially awkward or even direct their anger onto themselves. When a child directs his or her anger onto themselves, it often manifests into depression. Remember that in children, depression often manifests as irritability.

Then there are parents of children with autism spectrum disorder who do not know how to deal with them, because of the behavior manifested by their illness. Children with autism are often socially distant, exhibit ritualistic behavior and have trouble connecting with others. Parents who are irresponsible will often ignore these symptoms and not provide them with the professional care that they require.

And then there are the parents who suffer from a substance use disorder. How many of you have watched videos online or heard stories of children being passed a joint from their parent? This is not that uncommon, believe it or not. There are also children who steal their parent’s marijuana in the house and start smoking it themselves. And that’s because the marijuana is just sitting there!

Courageous parenting requires putting yourself second and your child first. This means that education, morals and values, safety and guidance need to be constantly provided, in order for a child to reach his or her full potential. Courageous parenting is going beyond what is expected, and hoping and believing that your child will happily succeed in life.

It’s not that easy to be a great parent, but it’s very easy to be an awful one! The children of this world depend on us to provide them with excellent parenting skills, as well as growth, direction and love. If we can improve our parenting skills, then we will improve the next generation of children who will one day make the important decisions for our society.

Courageous parenting is an important step in making this world a better place for the present generations, and all the future ones to follow.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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