It’s Not You, It’s Me


I’m Just Stuck In My Own World

Many people would agree that they wish they could just have the will and power to step out of their comfort zones in certain situations. But for whatever reason, they cannot and just can’t seem to figure out why. “It’s not you, it’s me” is something we have all heard people say to one another, and there is some truth to this saying.

Everyone develops a certain impression of you based on what you say and how you act. Sometimes you’ve never even spoken a word to a certain person, but you wish you just had the courage to do so. That certain person wonders why you guys still haven’t talked yet, quickly forming an opinion of you that is most likely inaccurate.

The truth is that many times we are just stuck in our own world and do not know how to coast out of it. If you just so happen to not be part of “my world”, then you will most likely not have anything to do with it. There are so many occasions where we desire certain people to be part of our world, but we just don’t know how to reach out to them.

It’s like an invisible fence is separating and preventing us from crossing paths. And if we happen to cross paths, something goes wrong within a few days to a week and we become separated again, as if we had never met. Is there an invisible force that controls human interactions and decides who is meant to meet who?

And if there is, how do we get in contact with this invisible force in order to express our wishes and desires? Is this force God? The solution besides praying for better outcomes is to continue living your life in abundance, by counting your blessings and maintaining a positive state of mind.

You have to learn to accept your current situation, even if your current situation has been replayed into your reality more times than you can imagine. That’s why it helps to be consistently strong and to remain positive. Currently in the United States, there is an epidemic of youth suicide and we do not even know why this is happening.

Many people can relate to the “it’s not you, it’s me” comment. What are your reasons for why you identify with this saying?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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