Helping Those Around You

Planting The Seeds Of Knowledge

The garden becomes more beautiful as more people become blessed with the opportunity of knowledge. Helping those around you is about sharing the knowledge that you accumulate on a daily basis, in order to help humanity elevate and bring upon the missing peace. This is planting the seeds of knowledge.

You should want to help others! Anyone with a heart can do it, you just have to put yourself into it. Many people do not have a heart for those around them, because they keep it for themselves or their immediate family members. But helping others is going beyond your family and reaching those with less fortunate opportunities.

But it’s important to remember that helping is not always about the less fortunate, but even the most fortunate who are wealthy and living the life. It doesn’t matter how rich one is; when you help, you leave all doors open. Anyone is free to join the fun and learn more about how life works! We can all learn from each other about how life works.

Your challenge should be to see how consistent you can be with spreading knowledge on a weekly basis, with eventual improvement to the daily spread of knowledge. If you happen to go through a day concluding that you haven’t helped one single person, then you can start keeping record and continue to aim for improvement.

Planting is not as easy as some of you may have thought! To tend a garden requires the start of a garden and without the gardener up to par, the seeds won’t spread to far. This calls for unity: let us all come together and happily join each other on a beautiful platform based on honesty and trust.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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