Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Being Thankful For Police Service

It’s not a stretch to say that we take law enforcement for granted. “Oh, the cops, yeah they’re just there I guess.” But they’re not just there. The police are the ones who we first call when we are in need of assistance, especially when we experience dangerous and violent situations. Law enforcement appreciation day is about recognizing all of the hard work and great service that our officers put in every single day to keep us safe.

Without the police, our society would be in even more chaos than it currently is. How many kidnappings, robberies, burglaries, thefts, rapes, assaults and other crimes occur every day? Probably too many to count. The police leave their families every morning not knowing if they will come back home for supper.

We have to be understanding of the nature of their work. It’s not easy to patrol a town or city and having to deal with all the difficulties that troubled minds contribute. Imagine how many psychopaths and evil people roam our streets, waiting for an opportunity to commit a hideous act.

The police have dedicated their lives to protect our society. We must be understanding and appreciative of their dedication. They have received such a bad rep because of the mainstream media’s portrayal of “cops killing black people.” Haven’t you learned that the mainstream media blows many stories out of proportion in order to make headlines and attract more viewers?

No one is denying the many black deaths that the boys in blue have mistakenly or even purposely taken on some occasions. But rotten apples are everywhere, not just in law enforcement. We cannot hate our police based on a few rotten apples. As with most people in life, the good ones tend to prevail over the bad ones.

It’s also worth mentioning the many innocent officers who have lost their lives to violent and heartless criminals. But who talks about them? The media occasionally mentions it, usually Fox News to be honest. But do we sit around making a huge deal, like when the script is flipped and a cop kills a questionably bad person?

The point is to not follow the mainstream trend just because it’s easier and more comfortable to do so. Be your own voice and use your own mind to come up with your own opinions; exercise your beliefs and live by them! If you are a fan of President Trump, then be a fan and be proud of it! Don’t hold yourself back just because it’s more popular to be a “liberal.”

The same applies with cops. Law enforcement appreciation day should be every day. These brave men and women go to work to keep us safe. The least that we can do is to be appreciative of their intentions and good work!

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2 Replies to “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”

  1. As the wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law of three brave and highly dedicated law enforcement officers, I thank you for this post. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C. bears the names of over 21,000 officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. ( ) It is important to remember their sacrifice and that of the family and friends they left behind.

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