Crying Instead Of Smiling

World War 3

The current state of affairs in the world is more saddening than anything. We have regimes such as Iran and North Korea chanting “death to America”, and the United States known for its history of imperialism. With the recent exchange of harsh words and military actions between Iran and the United States, it has everyone wondering if we are on the brink of World War 3.

If we are on the verge of a third world war, the root of the cause is not politics, oil, imperialism or world domination. Those are the superficial roots that everyone pays attention to. The real root of the cause is the hatred in our hearts. It seems that as every new year rolls in, we grow more hatred towards each other.

Who is each other? Everyone. Our hate is directed to all skin colors, ethnicities, religions, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, etc. This is something much greater than racism. This is hatred for humanity. Our hearts are turning black like the lungs of people who live in urban areas.

Why is this even happening? Because society is becoming more superficial, emotionally disconnected and selfish. We don’t value emotions and connections as much anymore; status, wealth and popularity have become more important than ever. This ties in with selfishness: if you don’t fit the criteria mentioned above, than you are not worthy of “my time.”

Status, wealth and popularity have become more important as technology has advanced. It all ties in with social media and objects that distract our attention from relationships. We might never admit it, but technological advances are influencing us negatively on a daily basis. Of course there are many positives as well, but the few negatives that can be identified are very powerful and effective.

Is there even a solution to this mass disconnection? There is, and it doesn’t start with the elimination of technological advancements; that will never happen. It’s starts with us. We must be willing to stand up and unite; to be brutally honest with ourselves and everyone around us.

We must be willing to speak freely about mental illness, emotions, troubles and the hatred in our hearts. Only with open and honest conversations, will we be able to connect once again and prevent this hatred from turning into World War 3. Together, we can help grow The DSM Ready Movement and revolutionize mental health and humanity’s connection.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


7 Replies to “Crying Instead Of Smiling”

      1. The time is now if so. That is another reason I started blogging today. To encourage others and relate. We all need to understand we are humanity there is nothing greater than that. We are capable of so much πŸ’œ

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