Practicing What You Preach

Teaching Others From Your Experience

Life is not always about learning and keeping everything to yourself. Giving back to others by teaching them valuable information, is how humanity improves as a whole. But it’s very important to practice what you preach, because what is the point of teaching others what you preach, but don’t practice?

It may be easy to teach others, but it’s often very difficult to practice what you preach. That’s because we often don’t want to implement difficult and righteous actions into our lives. It’s easier to tell others how to behave than it is to demonstrate it yourself through your actions.

Practicing what you preach is not only important for yourself, but for others as well. That’s because the quality of your teaching depends on whether you implement what you’re preaching. Can you imagine how superficial your teachings will be if they are not backed up by experience?

Anyone who teaches from experience delivers much higher quality information. Teaching from experience is valuable and much more worthy of comprehension and application, than teaching from hearsay. Always strive to be a role model by practicing what you preach, and teaching others based on what you practice.

Teaching is a great skill to have because it proves to yourself if you really do know the information. And it feels good to teach and help others! Seeing others smile in comfort when they demonstrate understanding of the information presented to them, helps you feel like a better person. It helps improve your self-esteem, confidence and ability to lead.

Always give 100% when practicing what you preach, and always give 100% when you’re teaching others from your experience. By showing people that you are built out of great character, it will motivate them to adopt the same role that you have adopted. This is how people become leaders and the world a better place to live in.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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