Working For Peace

Hard Not To Sin

There is not one single person on the face of this planet that cannot admit to the difficulty of not sinning. The act of sinning runs in our blood. Just the mere thought of not sinning sparks a new evil thought within seconds. The goal should not be to live a sinless life, as that would be shooting for an impossible goal. Rather, it should be working for peace.

Working for peace is waking up every day with the right intentions in your heart and mind. These intentions should be the spreading of kindness, love and prosperity onto others. And to do all of this requires a peaceful state of mind. As we all know, it can be quite challenging to remain in a peaceful state of being, with so much negativity and evilness in the world.

But just because we live in an evil world does not mean that we cannot be guided by God’s love. We must continuously ask for His guidance. He knows that we experience sin multiple times a day, making us extremely vulnerable to corruption and spiritual deterioration.

But by seeking His glory, He can equip us with the Holy Spirit that can help us stay on the path of light, despite the darkness all around us. And it’s through this light that we can work for peace, spreading it via our connections with others. There should be no pressure undergoing this process.

When you are at peace with yourself, it becomes a much naturally easier process to spread peace onto others. But it all stems within your heart. If the heart is not willing, then the mind will easily go astray. The mind is very vulnerable to outside influences, especially the ones that feed the body and are spiritually degrading.

We must constantly try our best to live as children of God and stay away from the children of Satan. The children of God may not be as fun and exciting as the cool club of Satan, but the cool club never wins in the end. It’s the good-hearted children of God who carry a lamb’s heart and spread peace unconditionally, who always win in the end.

It’s hard not to sin, but it’s even harder to consistently work for peace day in and day out. But hard work pays off, so pick the battles that will reap the greatest reward.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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