The Passing Of Another Decade

New Decade, New Opportunities

Another decade, another number. Every year, we experience a new opportunity to redefine ourselves. We hope that we can learn from our past mistakes and not repeat them in the following year. But every decade, well . . . do we even pay attention to the start of a new decade? We should, because the passing of another decade is the start of new opportunities.

There is some truth to the “another decade, another number” statement: people who don’t positively look at their lives in terms of good and bad chapters. Think of decades as chapters in a book: the first decade of your life was the start of your book. With each climbing decade, you become closer to finishing your book!

The book of life can either be very beautiful or very miserable. Miserable books are usually written by authors who don’t find structure, connection and meaning in their lives; there often seems to be a critical missing point from their work. So rather than viewing another decade as another number, view it as the start of a new chapter that can be better written than previously was.

It takes a lot of hard work to write incredible chapters, considering that they each require 10 years worth of endurance and stamina, combined with consistency and determination. In 10 years, a lot of negative events usually arise in the world and in your life. Successfully processing the negativity and moving on as a stronger person is what makes the path even more difficult.

But it’s all worth it in the end, if you can consistently write as many beautiful chapters in your book as you possibly can! Remember that your life is a book: it’s read by many people in your environment. And many times, you don’t even know who the people are. So when your chapters aren’t well-written, you are also affecting those around you.

Many people stress out with each passing year: they place too much pressure on themselves in regards to accomplishing goals within a certain period of time. Rather than allowing time to stress you out, learn to change your perception of it: make time work for you! By mastering time, a new decade becomes a new opportunity.

And a new opportunity opens the door to better written chapters in the book of life.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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