New Year’s Eve

Spending Time With Yourself

Everyone is aware of the fact that new year’s eve should be quality time spent with your family and friends, reminiscing on the previous year’s funny moments and coming up with a new resolution. But what people forget about new year’s eve is the importance of spending quality time with yourself.

You can be surrounded by your most precious family members and friends, but if you aren’t spending quality time with yourself, then you most likely aren’t happy. True happiness cannot be delivered by your family and friends; it can only be harnessed within your spirit and mind.

There are two types of happiness: spiritual and mindful. Being spiritually happy is when you are content with yourself by consistently upholding your morals and beliefs on a daily basis; this can be especially appreciated after the completion of a challenging year. On the other hand, being mindfully happy is when you are at peace with the way that you think about yourself.

It is possible to be mindfully happy but not spiritually happy; but generally, not the other way around. Someone who is spiritually happy most likely will also be happy with the way they think and view the world. But someone can also be mindfully happy and spiritually sad: their morals and values may have been sacrificed at some point in the past.

New year’s eve is a time for you to ask yourself: “Am I spiritually and mindfully happy with myself, and if not, why?” There is something magical about transitioning into a new year, kind of like a momentary reset point in your life. You start to feel the vibrations of this reset point as you get closer to midnight.

And once your eyes detect 12:00 a.m., your consciousness officially resets: what happened last year suddenly loses significance, and your mind now becomes focused on the present new year. The shift happens very quickly and many people take it for granted. But you can definitely appreciate it if you become more in tune with yourself on new year’s eve.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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