Hate Has No Place In Our Hearts

Texas Church Shooting

With the wave of anti-semitism flooding the country and the shootings plaguing our churches, we are reaching a point where unaddressed mental illness, hatred and domestic terrorism are almost becoming the norm. Without an honest and open dialogue, these acts of violent hatred will continue to rein terror. Hate has no place in our hearts.

The modern-day war that we are experiencing is not only affecting Christians and Jews, but muslims as well. What do you call the wars in the middle-east? How many innocent muslim children, mothers and fathers are dying every day from western drone and military attacks? The war is not only in our backyard; evilness is like a virus infecting all parts of the world.

We have become divided for no good reason. We remain confused and point the blame onto others, rather than taking responsibility ourselves and acting like mature adults. Why do you think this is happening? Because it’s easier for people in power to control the world population under the influence of chaotic fear.

How do you ask? Through violence, new solutions can be introduced. Through hatred, new wars such as “the war on terror” can be initiated. This is not all be accident. If you still believe that all of these events are just random acts, then think again. There is a war on your mind.

The way that we’ll ever defeat this war is through love. Regardless of skin color, cultural or religious background or political affiliation, we need to come together and love each other once again. Rather than focusing on what we dislike about one another, let’s find the positives and embrace them wholeheartedly.

We are not always going to like everything that we come across. Every culture has its ways of being that may not be particularly attractive to others, but this does not mean that we should respond with hatred and violence. Stepping into a Texas church and shooting innocent people, or entering a Jewish home and stabbing people with a machete is not the answer.

The DSM Ready Community calls on all of its supporters to spread this message to as many people as you possibly can. Only through love, will we be able to reunite and put an end to such hideous acts of nature.

Only through love, will hatred be squeezed out of the chambers of our hearts and forever flushed away from our bodies.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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