We All Are One

We Are The Same Person

He’s different. She’s different. You’re different. But we all are one: we are the same person. We were all created in His image: we were all given life in order to experience love. Some choose to divide themselves from love; it’s their free will. But some of us choose to build upon love: we are the ones who need to step up and spread it every chance that we get.

Spreading love is not hard for some of us: we use our hearts to spread joy, our ears to absorb joy, our eyes to spot joy, our mouthes to spit joy and our minds to entertain joy. And for all the people who don’t participate in love, it should always be our agenda to help them hop on board and join this lovely ride.

Never turn your back against those who choose to hate; they complement us. Through their polar opposites, we learn how to strengthen our hearts and fortify our mental and emotional well-being. Many people who hate just need an extended hand that will guide them back in the right direction.

We should always strive to guide ourselves and others in the right direction. President Trump is making America great again, but we are making this World great again. We are not against anyone: we do not despise hatred, racism or evilness. Rather, we view them as opportunities for change.

And these opportunities all revolve around becoming one under the Great Almighty who is all love. If we can help people in need tap into this love called the Holy Spirit, then we are proudly doing God’s work. God’s work doesn’t require a fancy degree: it requires the will to live a better life and to help others remain on this lovely ride called unity.

No matter how much division you hear about on the news or experience on a daily basis, step out of this world and envision yourself floating above planet Earth. What do you see? See how insignificant division and hatred appear from this high up? Before we were and after we will be, God’s creation will always remain one.

Now this does not mean that we cannot fall astray when we allow our guards down. Satan is always at work around the clock, trying to pull you off your track and make you stumble into uncertainty and confusion. But if you pray and ask God for guidance and love, He will not let you down, just as you should never let your lost brother or sister down.

The DSM Ready Community is one with humanity. Join this lovely free ride: there’s first class for everyone.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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