Gems Of Knowledge

Taking On A Leadership Role By Educating Others

The whole point of education is to help humanity elevate the way that it thinks and feels about many different topics. There is no doubt that the educational process is widely divided around the world. Private schools may cost as much as $40,000 a year while many public schools are free and accept just about anyone around the corner. But this shouldn’t prevent us from dropping gems of knowledge onto each other.

Not everyone has the same opportunity in life to receive a great education; some don’t even have the opportunity to receive any education. People all around the world live under many different circumstances. For instance, two innocent children may be neighbors and childhood friends, kicking the soccer ball around on the streets of Bogota, Colombia.

But as they age, one of them attends a private school and becomes surrounded by wealthy and affluent teens, while the other attends a basic public school. As the poor teen looks across the fence at his old friend who he once used to play soccer with, the old friend stares back with an embarrassed look, as if he doesn’t have time for him anymore.

This is the way of life; people come and go. But this doesn’t mean that we should envy others who have more opportunities. And on the other hand, this doesn’t mean that we should consider others beneath us who don’t have as many opportunities. Rather, we need to come together and educate each other.

There is always something new that we can learn from each other, regardless of societal status. But we must be willing to take on a leadership role and educate others. Don’t be greedy by withholding knowledge to yourself. And don’t expect something back in return, when you drop a few gems of knowledge onto others.

It feels good to give knowledge wings and allow it to freely fly onto the minds of others. You’ll feel better about yourself when you help others expand their minds. Knowledge is one of the most powerful gifts: it can change a person’s life forever. So why not make a difference in somebody else’s life if you have the capability to do so?

Here on The DSM Ready Platform, we are all about sharing knowledge and putting a smile on each other’s faces.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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