Attacked By Pressure

Anxiety Due To Pressure

Pressure is the feeling of discomfort, worry and even fear. Many of us feel pressure on a daily basis: bills to pay, relationships to live up to, jobs to hold onto, material to study up on, expectations to maintain, etc. Pressure is a natural feeling that accompanies our everyday lives: it’s part of motivation and drive but can also be associated with anxiety and panic.

If not handled properly, pressure can quickly alter your state of mind for the worse. Uncontrolled pressure can easily chip away at your sanity by introducing daily stressors and discomforts into your life, eventually turning your once peaceful state of mind into an anxious cyclone. And when this tropical storm makes landfall, you better have a strong grip on your mind.

When confronted with anxiety, the last thing that you want to do is freak out. Freaking out is when you start overthinking about the source that brought you pressure in the first place. You don’t want to deal with your anxiety by confronting its source. It’s quite the opposite: you want to alleviate your anxiety by redirecting your mind onto pleasant thoughts or activities.

One example is exercise. Whenever you feel pressure, you can start to exercise; it does a great job at neutralizing anxiety. That’s why you can even start using exercise as a preventative measure: keeping away anxiety in the first place. Whenever you get into a solid exercise routine, you’ll start to feel less pressure or at least not react to it as intensely as you once did.

Meditation is another great tool for alleviating anxiety due to pressure. By being present in the moment and allowing all of your thoughts to swarm your mind uncontrollably, you remain non-judgmental and observant. By building upon this skill, you will become more resilient to pressure in real time.

Talking to someone who you can trust also helps a lot. The act of verbal communication by getting your thoughts out is very soothing and comforting; it actually alleviates pressure and prevents it from boiling up in the depths of your mind. Always have someone who you can call or meet up with to talk to about your life.

We’re all attacked by pressure; it’s not something uncommon that only occurs to a select few. Some of us are naturally more resilient to it, while others are more prone to experiencing a mental or emotional hit. The key is to never allow pressure to break you down. Breakdowns can lead to job loss, broken relationships and even psychiatric admissions.

Always remain one step ahead of pressure.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


9 Replies to “Attacked By Pressure”

  1. Yeah pressuring people does not work positively in many cases.

    Offering someone weed just too look cool or fit in, is negative peer pressure.

    Barraging someone with quit smoking ads, signals, and other attempts are other forms of negative pressure.

    Offering someone a walk in the park is positive pressure, unless ofcourse they have no feet.πŸ˜‚

    The point is that negative pressure creates more problems than it prevents since change works better when people continue their happy, healthy go lucky ways while including the other without asking let alone forcing them to change.

    Then overtime the person will either loath it and leave or something else might happen.

    The people they are now mixed in with begin to rub off on them causing them to suddenly put out the cigarette or stop the drinking to go for walks on the beach with them and eat kale or whatever it is healthy people eat and do.

    People naturally want to belong without the pressure and that’s true for everyone whether they notice or not, even Satan showed up to God’s temple despite being who he is.

    Had they welcomed him with open arms instead of condemnations?

    Maybe Satan would have transformed back into Samael instead going back to Hell in order to become Lucifer down the road in hopes of taking over Earth in order to rebuild it in his own image due to being cast out. “Iron Will”

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