Instinct To Win

Fighting Spirit

It’s not enough to want to win. You must have the instinct to win and if you don’t have it, you better well learn how to develop it. An instinct is an innate pattern of behavior in response to certain stimuli. The key word is innate. Many lack the natural drive to win or the fighting spirit to get back up from one’s losses and head back into the ring.

Not having the instinct to win does not mean that you cannot develop it as second nature. But developing a behavior as second nature does not come easily. It takes much practice and hard work to acquire a winning mentality, the necessary stamina, the right resources and even the valuable connections.

A lot of people also make the mistake of trying to win on their own; essentially taking all the credit and placing themselves on a pedestal. If heading down this road, then you will be in for a quick surprise. These selfish paths often lead to a dead end “right quick.” You should always be willing to work in a team when it comes to winning.

There is no sport, job or activity in this world that revolves around winning solo. For instance, tennis, golf, boxing and chess players mostly all have coaches. Businessmen, doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs mostly all have supervisors and colleagues who they can run thoughts, ideas and questions by.

You cannot win on your own for too long. But you also cannot win on your own without a fighting spirit. You need to be willing to embrace the spurts of motivation that pop up at random times of the day and capitalize on them. Many people experience motivation but do not harness this energy; it gets redirected into laziness or passive activities.

If you want to be the best, then you have to start thinking like the best. This doesn’t mean that you should become arrogant or cocky; that’s another road that often turns into a dead end “right quick.” You can easily be winning and still be a caring, loving, compassionate and respectable person.

Never allow the idea of winning to get to your head and change your personality for the worse. Remain humble, dedicated and carry yourself with dignity. Show the world that you are great at winning, while still remaining respectably stylish in character. If you can do this, then even more doors will open up for you!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


14 Replies to “Instinct To Win”

    1. Let me know if you do end up taping it! You learn by first applying the mindset of getting things done, little by little everyday. You must make a list of goals that you would like to accomplish and set out to accomplish them. That’s the processing of winning. It requires motivation, passion and the will to avoid giving up. Then you will start to see results and repeat. That’s winning in and of itself.

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      1. You’re so right! I think I’m not alone in saying this: when you’re told you have this or that mental illness, your self esteem is ruined and you tell yourself that you “can’t” do things. Because of your illness. I do it all the time! But it’s a lie! It’s the devil whispering in your ear. He wants you to stay down. To suffer. Well I’m sick of it! Fuck the devil and fuck my illness! I’m stronger than this and I’m not going to let another 10 years pass while I make excuses for myself. I’m done!

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      2. Exactly! Forget your past and focus on improving yourself in the present. You can do anything that you want if you put your mind to it! Having a mental illness should not be a roadblock.


      3. I’m sure you’re aware of just how many bad doctors there are. And nurses. It seems even worse in mental health. I’ve had a few gems. My first shrink never looked at me. He looked only at his notes. He asked me what was wrong. I said depression. He never asked for any details. Then he gave me a script for Prozac and showed me the door. It took 10 minutes. I didn’t even have a follow up. He gave me a year supply

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