The Freedom Of Misinformation

Unlimited Sources Of Misinformation

With unlimited amounts of websites presenting you different types of information, and with different news channels twisting the information to fit their narrative, society has created what is known as, “the freedom of misinformation.” This is happening because there are so many sources with different agendas, that it has become challenging to discern who is pushing misinformation or not.

The advancement of misinformation has to do with competition among different sources, different beliefs and agendas and of course, money. As a matter of fact, everything traces back to money. For example, take CNN versus Fox News. No matter how many positive things President Trump does for the United States, CNN still manages to focus on all the dirt and negativity buried in his closet.

On the other hand, no matter how much dirt is buried in the president’s closet, Fox News still manages to focus more on the accomplishments of the president. This shows you how each source has their different agenda, run by the corporate families who own these organizations.

Every major agenda stems from the top-down: those in power who are not even well known, look down upon society as their playground. If they care to push misinformation, the messages spread down the pyramid until they reach the masses. But most people don’t view society working this way, because they are either misinformed or too shocked, preferring to ignore it.

Another example is the legalization of marijuana across the United States, as well as the targeting of children and adolescents by vaping manufacturers. While the overall rate of alcohol, cigarettes and hard drug use have declined, vaping has been soaring; especially marijuana vaping!

Most teens nowadays do not see anything wrong with smoking marijuana more often. Where does misinformation come into play? How about the potential development of a psychotic break, when a fragile teen inhales THC that is twice or three times as potent as it was 50 years ago?

You don’t hear the politicians, pro-legalization movements and marijuana business owners educating the public on how marijuana is related to changes in brain chemistry, resulting in mental illness and even violence. This because they have their own agenda: legalization and profit; aka the “green rush!” So by not informing the public, this is one type of misinformation that is influencing children’s and adolescents’ views and decision-making on the use of marijuana.

We did not even mention the internet and how much digital pollution lies on there. I’m sure one can find a source talking about “the benefits of porn” or “vaping is not bad for you.” The problem with these misleading sources of information is that they have the potential to go viral across social media platforms.

And nowadays, most adolescents spend their time on technological devices which incorporate social media; hence, one reason as to why the rate of drug use has declined. Adolescents are not attending parties as frequently as they did in previous decades, because of the easy use and access to social media. And the more internet and social media exposure that they have, the greater the likelihood of being exposed to unlimited sources of misinformation.

The freedom of misinformation is alive and doing well.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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