Working Harder Than Others

The Hunger For More

Many people want success, but many also don’t want to work hard for it. Hard work is very unnatural to some, perhaps unnatural to almost every child who begins school. But just because something is unnatural, does not mean that it cannot be learned and perfected. There is no magic formula for success, but one important ingredient that you can never miss, is working harder than others.

The hunger for more is when you live every day of your life wanting to accomplish more than you did yesterday; your appetite never dies down and your thirst is unquenchable. Your passion to achieve more is on fire and your mind is chirping away new ideas that can help you get ahead in life.

It’s very easy to become satisfied with your life when you reach a certain milestone. For some, high school is enough and they stop there; the work force becomes their next chapter for the next 45 years. For some, college is enough and they stop there; a more advanced work force becomes their next chapter for the next 40 years.

For some, a postgraduate degree is enough; an even more advanced work force becomes their next chapter for the next 35 years. And lastly, for some, nothing ever becomes enough; they remain so hungry for bigger and better challenges, that they keep testing the limits no matter the potential outcomes.

This latter half of folks is where you want to be if you would like to reach the top. There’s no guarantee that you will, but by becoming a super motivated individual, you are at least heading down the right path. Becoming successful is very multi-factorial: elements of luck, passion, determination, drive, blessings, connections and an excellent work ethic all play a role.

Working harder than others cannot be emphasized enough: you have to put in the time and work to increase your chances of getting ahead. This does not mean that you have to compare yourself with others; as a matter of fact, don’t even do that. Comparing yourself is very mind-boggling and ends up in pointless distractions.

But this does mean that you need to work harder than your neighbor in order to get ahead. You do this by focusing on yourself and pushing harder every day. You don’t need to know how hard your neighbor is working, as long as you do your part by shooting for more on a daily basis.

The most important ingredient is doing it for yourself! When you enjoy what you are doing, it makes things much easier: you become immersed in the process and no one can take that away from you. You become so focused on getting ahead, that you start viewing life as tunnel vision: the light ahead is where you need to end up in order to rest for a little bit. And then you continue on before entering the next tunnel.

There are many tunnels which you have to traverse in order to fully rest at the finish line. And even at the finish line, more lies ahead. Are you ready to work harder than others?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


6 Replies to “Working Harder Than Others”

      1. Many people complain about their lives. They envy others but didn’t look at the effort n hard work others have put in. The hours of pressing in, not giving up and having the spirit of excellence. Thank u for stressing that we need to work harder for our goals

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