Verbally-Aggressive People

Dealing With Insecure People

Verbally-aggressive people are those who are typically insecure and project their emotions onto others. Because they are constantly dealing with negative thoughts and feelings on a daily basis, they attempt to redirect them onto others; especially those who are nice and kindhearted. This is because they find nice people to be easier targets.

Kind people are easier targets because they don’t often argue back. Kind people tend to be mature, responsible and respectable; they don’t feel the need to respond in malicious ways. So verbally-aggressive people take advantage of that and continue to direct their insecurities onto them.

Dealing with insecure people should not be a complex task. The best way to handle them is by allowing them to say whatever they want; act like you are not affected. If you do show signs of weakness, then they will capitalize on that moment and continue their aggression even more.

You may wonder why you should allow insecure people to continue being aggressive towards you. It all depends on the situation. If they are your friends whom you get along with, then allow them to keep doing it as long as you are not getting hurt in the process. Getting into arguments will lead you no where and only risks destroying your friendships.

If they are not your friends, then still allow them to remain verbally-aggressive; again, that is if you are not offended. But if they start getting under your skin, then kindly call them out on their words and actions in a friendly and mature way. The idea is to never show weakness by giving into their aggression.

You will always encounter insecure people; there’s no getting rid of them. To live a life with no insecure people is like living a life with people who have everything figured out; it just doesn’t exist. Insecurity is part of human nature; for some, more than others. If you react to every insecure person who comes your way, you will quickly become a very unhappy person.

Keep in mind that when people are verbally-aggressive towards you, they know very well what they are doing. They also know very well that they are the weaker person. So by demonstrating resilience, maturity and even humor, you’re showing them that you’re the stronger and better person. And you might even motivate them to learn from your impressive behavior!

Don’t take verbally-aggressive people seriously. Fill them with shame with your kind and loving ways.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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