Guilty During Sexual Activities

On The Basis Of Sex

Sexual activity is a naturally normal process that somehow still penetrates our hearts, by making us feel guilty from time to time. In the moment, sexual activity is like an escape: it grabs you away from your present reality, like the onset of a powerful drug overcoming your perception. But many times, this drug makes you feel guilty.

Even if you would like to stop yourself during a sexual act, it is almost impossible to do so; keyword being “almost.” That’s because you’re not only battling an amazing pre-orgasmic feeling and sensation, but your neurochemistry: dopamine is slowly flooding your brain and making you feel “dope.”

At blastoff, the orgasmic climax feels out of this world, as if you grew wings and took a flight high into space without any repercussions. But what goes up must come down; in this case, that’s you! And most of us would agree that there are not many situations in which we enjoy coming down.

When coming down from a sexual activity, there are times when you wonder why in the world you are feeling guilty. This can occur with porn, masturbation, sex, sexting, video chats, strip clubs, prostitution and whatever else exists out there. On the basis of sex, guilt is not a foreign entity: it’s often buried somewhere between the lines.

The worst feeling to have after climaxing is guilt: it makes you feel like the entire experience was for nothing; a total waste of your time and energy. Your emotions crumble and your excitement plummets; you feel defeated as if locked into a penitentiary for 25 to life.

Is there a way to get rid of guilt during sexual activities? The answer is, it depends. We often know prior to engaging in a sexual activity if “this time” will feel right. But guess what we often do? We go ahead and engage despite anticipating some guilt around the corner; we go ahead and set ourselves up for negativity.

So rather than engaging, we need to hold ourselves back and distract our minds with other thoughts or activities; easier said than done, but not that hard if practiced enough! Your intuition and mind often provide you with warnings and signs, prior to acting on a specific thought. We just need to become better at listening to ourselves.

On the basis of sex, don’t act like you’re surprised when you experience guilt following a sexual activity. Try listening to yourself more often and you’ll be surprised on how many negative emotions you can avoid coming your way.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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