Make Lying Wrong Again

Feeling Guilty Lying

The world has never stopped lying and nor does it plan to anytime soon. But you should! Lying is the act of deceiving others by stating intentionally false statements. It helps get your point across as well as get you out of uncomfortable and potentially damaging situations. But with that comes many consequences. That’s why we need to make lying wrong again!

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of starting to enjoy lying. You’ll notice that with lying, you can get away with words, actions and behaviors which you otherwise wouldn’t have. When this happens, you feel a sense of power because you can get away with something and not get caught for it in return.

When you begin to notice enough times how wonderful this feeling of power really feels, you become more tempted to continue lying. Eventually, lying becomes part of your repertoire. But the problem with lying is that it also changes your character over time. You might not notice it at first, but the more that you lie, the more that your values, integrity and morals begin to change.

That being said, one of the consequences of lying is the feeling of guilt. Your moral conscience is telling you, “what are you doing? This is not right! You were never raised like this.” When you feel guilty, you no longer enjoy the lie that proceeded it. So what people do is they either stop lying, or they continue to lie and become immune to their guilty feelings.

However, becoming immune to guilt requires a sacrifice; it doesn’t just naturally happen. That sacrifice is called your character. By accepting the act of lying and adding it to your toolbox, you learn to slowly ignore the feeling of guilt, while at the same time sacrificing your morals and values.

When this happens, you no longer feel the same as you once did; you become transformed into another person. People may or may not notice this transformation, but guess who usually does? You do. And when you start implementing this false persona on a consistent basis, that’s when you risk developing mental health problems.

The best course of action is to avoid lying as much as you possibly can. It’s a terrible and deadly habit to adopt. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in situations in which you won’t know what to do besides to come up with a good lie. When this occurs, you can reanalyze the situation at a later time of how you could have handled it without deceiving others.

We already made America great again! But how come we are still sinning left and right? Let’s make lying wrong again.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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2 Replies to “Make Lying Wrong Again”

  1. There are different categories of liars too. That itself is an illness. There are compulsive, obsessive and impulsive liars. If you dig deep they have so much reasoning there and also justification. It’s really hard to make them see that they are justifying unreal stuff. Have you come across these kinds?

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