I Want To Cry And Die

Life Is Too Precious To Kill Myself

Whenever you’re feeling down in the dumps, remind yourself of everything that you have to be thankful for! Also remind yourself that you are not the only one feeling down and low. The whole world feels like that from time to time. You’re not any different because you’re feeling depressed and want to cry and die! Remember that there is always someone else in a worse position than you are in right now!

We all cry and want to die from time to time; it’s called being human! No person goes through this life without experiencing thoughts of ending their existence. But the difference is when the thoughts go away or linger and start to take over your belief system. When suicidal thoughts begin to influence you too much, then it’s time to seek immediate help.

Sadness is inherent in almost every situation in this world. You can be having the best time of your life and suddenly be confronted with the most terrible news, changing your entire perspective on life within a few minutes. You cannot outrun sadness; it’s part of the emotional experience which humans have to go through.

But let’s face it, life is too precious to kill yourself! There are so many loving and supportive people out there who care for us and want to see us succeed. There are so many loving animals out there who love us unconditionally and make us want to squeeze them like a comfy pillow!

Life provides us with so many exciting situations, making us feel ecstatic and on cloud nine at times. When surfing on cloud nine, we forget about our depression and love life more than ever before. That’s what you should be aiming for every day! Seek those happy feelings and if you find them, share them with those around you.

Happiness is contagious; it spreads faster than the destructive wildfire known as sadness. But the difference is that sadness is very destructive once it gets going. The key is to put out this fire before it gets a chance to breath. Don’t let this fire take away your last breath!

Your last breath in life should be when it’s time for you to go naturally, in a state of peace and happiness. Your last breath is when God says so.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


7 Replies to “I Want To Cry And Die”

  1. Every single day, luckily I have alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, cocaine, wordpress, music and my desires in order to drown out my urge to cry until I can again alone and eventually kill myself one day and then the whole world can sleep better at night comfortable inside their delusions because this psychopath who never once killed anyone is dead.

    The defamation of character on this planet is brutal anyways.

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  2. Believe that, sadness and happiness are temporary and it only shows that you are still human not a robot! Being human is the noblest thing in the world, don’t believe people who tell you to stop being human and become God!

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