Blessed But Still Suffering

Everyday Nagging Pain

When everything lines up nicely and smoothly and your life is going according to plan, you become quick to admit to yourself, “I am blessed!” But when things don’t go your way and you start to complain to others, all you hear in return is, “count your blessings!” So whether you feel blessed or not, one thing remains obvious: suffering just does not seem to ever go away!

Many of us feel blessed when our lives are going according to plan. While a list cannot be composed because everyone considers their blessings to be different than others’, it can be universally concluded that feeling blessed equals something along the lines of, “living the life.” But even with all of our blessings, life still finds a way for us to suffer.

Some of us suffer by experiencing a nagging pain related to emptiness, as if we feel incomplete. We often feel like something is missing within us or in our lives; this is not in reference to materialism. This is in reference to something much larger: a deeper meaning about our lives and where we stand in the world.

Some of us also suffer because we lack a significant other or a close friend who we can call or hang out with. You can have all the materialism in the world and still feel incomplete, without a good set of friends! Continuing to indulge in materialism without meaningful relationships makes the surface smooth and shiny, but the interior dusty and rusty!

And then there are the unexpected life circumstances that can happen at anytime. This can include the death of a loved one or friend, the loss of your job or just about anything under the sun. Keep in mind that you may be blessed and still experience unexpected life circumstances. And your blessings won’t help you recover from them any easier!

It’s fair to say that no matter how blessed you are or you will be, you will always be suffering in one way or the other; maybe not at the same level as others, but still at some level significant enough to impact your emotions, mental health and well-being. Remember that your mental health is not immune to everyday suffering; blessings are not a shield that protects your mental health.

Your mental health is very vulnerable to change, pain and influence by outside forces. Maintaining sound mental health on a consistent basis is a much bigger blessing than living a life full of pleasure and materialism. With sound mental health, you can at least enjoy the peacefulness of sanity. Without sanity, the many blessings that you may have can easily fall apart very quickly.

Are you blessed? Are you still suffering? Probably so.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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