Maintaining Sound Mental Health

Utilize Your Paid Personal Days

Many people feel guilty at the thought of utilizing the personal days which their employer has provided them with. Just the thought of “skipping work” to stay at home and lounge, relax or catch up on some sleep makes their skin shrivel. But that’s what personal days are for! You do not need to be sick to enjoy some time off.

Fatigue is just as destructive or more destructive than your common cold: it affects your state of mind, motivation, drive, ambition, happiness and mood. When you become fatigued, you become less efficiently productive at work: you make more errors; you lose your drive and you become more irritable with those around you.

You are not doing anything wrong by utilizing your paid personal days. As long as it’s stated in your work contract that you have X number of personal days, then you are in a perfectly acceptable position to utilize them. Often times, it’s the guilt and fear which prevent us from going forward with it.

Don’t overwork yourself to the point of feeling burned out, or even worse, fatigued and depressed. Your health always comes first! Suicidal thoughts are definitely connected to being overworked as an employee. When all you do is wake up bloody early, work the entire day and come back home crashing on the couch, this repetitive lifestyle will eventually take a toll on your sanity.

Always put your mental health first before anything else. If you are currently working at a job which you don’t enjoy because of your mental health, then you must reconsider your work options. Don’t risk your sanity, or even worse, your life for a job. Maintaining a happy state of mind is much more important than maintaining a current job.

Take some personal days off and maintain sound mental health!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


11 Replies to “Maintaining Sound Mental Health”

  1. Yeah society in general needs to start considering more time off and just “me time” in general.

    People become stressed, overworked, depressed and then lose themselves in all the other riff raffs which could be avoided if they simply just took time off to slow down from it all.

    I don’t even have a real job in the making money sense since I write from home but I even require breaks from doing that because I get caught up in my own self created riff raff as well.

    So whether you are part of society or detached from it like I am?

    The mental issues/stresses are all the same when we push ourselves too hard in life.

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      1. Thank you but yeah It’s easier to recover a job than it is one’s own mind once it’s lost after all.

        Prioritize self at times because no one else can do it for you type of thing.

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      2. Which is also a growing problem for many healthcare professionals, mental health and otherwise through being overworked.

        Since sure it’s easy to just quit pumping gas compared to hospital work since people could die if you do not show up, especially if in a specialized field.

        So now where mental health and health problems including addiction issues are flying the roof in terms of growing patients?

        Where they need to have more time off they are being ask to put in more time than ever before.

        At which point both sides will become metaphorically slaughtered creating a cluster mined type explosions of issues all around society as a whole.

        So the only solution available in terms of preparing before the storm?

        Is looking for assistance in places not traditionally looked into, basically like asking hell for help before all end up having issues type of situation.


  2. This is good advice. I worked for a company for 5 years and I hated it. It affected every part of my life. I had terrible burnout. I tried and tried to find another job but couldn’t. Because of my burnout I made mistakes and took too many sick days. Eventually I got fired! But it was a blessing

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