Sugar Addiction

My Addicted Sweet Tooth

A sugar addiction is not as serious as it may sound. Nobody goes to rehab for eating too much sweet-tasting foods. But the addiction to such foods poses many physical health problems which one should be wary about. Eating too many sweets can impact your weight, health, appetite and even your motivation to exercise.

Your weight is the first change that you may notice upon eating too many sweets. For men, that’s the accumulation of fat around the abdominal region. For women, fat usually accumulates in the buttocks region. An increased weight raises your chances of developing diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular problems, and may affect your confidence and self-esteem as well.

If you have a low confidence to begin with, worsening it with an increased weight gain secondary to a poor diet will only affect you adversely even more. Low confidence is associated with less motivation to be active and to socialize, and an increased risk of developing a mental illness such as depression.

Eating too many sweets also has an impact on your appetite. While you may have noticed that sweets are not a replacement for a meal, they still fill you up to the point of causing you to eat less than you would have had without them. Add some coffee to go along with those cookies, and you have created yourself a killer appetite suppressant.

Lastly, eating too many sweets can affect your desire to exercise. It can be a challenge for many people to remain motivated to exercise on a consistent basis. Add to that mix an increased weight gain secondary to eating unhealthy food, and there goes your drive to remain fit. For many people, it’s easier to maintain a pattern of immediate gratification: unhealthy eating + not exercising enough + enjoying that sugary taste!

Always keep an eye out for how often you indulge in sugary delights. One way to decrease your consumption of such foods is to simply stop buying them. There’s no magic secret to it! If you decondition yourself from not eating sugary foods, you will no longer crave it as much as you once did.

It’s all about mind over matter!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


8 Replies to “Sugar Addiction”

  1. Sugar addiction is as bad as many other drug addictions (been there, done that), it’s just more accetiple by society and minimized. It’s taken too easy many times and the issues stay where they are. Nice post, thanks for sharing (with other parts I do agree).

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    1. I don’t think there’s a relation of sugar and mental illness. Sugar doesn’t make you crash unless you binge on it a very short-period of time. On the other hand, sugar is good for short-term energy!


      1. I knew I had read that somewhere. They say to abstain from alcohol, nicotine, sugar, high carbs, for bipolar. I’m supposed to take vitamins and meditate and exercise. Oh and keep a journal, learn to say no, and practice self care. Today I was told to do group therapy. Having a mental illness is like having a full time job!!!

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      2. It is but it also doesn’t have to be. If you learn to get a good hold on your mental illness, then it hopefully should subside to the point of you not thinking about it as much. It depends which illness one has however. There are many factors at play.

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