Thanksgiving Should Be Every Day

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s very lovely that people gather once a year to offer their expressions of gratitude towards their family, friends, coworkers and God. This brings upon us unification, love, happiness and a feeling of warmth, which can effectively heal a mental illness and its associated emotions. But what would be nicer to observe from now on, is the celebration of Thanksgiving on a daily basis!

Unfortunately, many people put on a mask during the holidays in order to fit in with the rest of society celebrating times of unity. These masks are not hard to detect; pay attention to their body language and choice of words before the holidays, during and after. You will notice many inconsistencies, easily giving away their public facade.

People put on masks during the holidays because they are dealing with internal pain and insecurities, which they have not learned how to overcome. By not overcoming their internal problems, the holidays actually make them feel worse. How would you feel if you were put in a position to smile and chit-chat with folks who you see twice a year, while you are feeling depressed inside?

So the solution is to increase the frequency of Thanksgiving; not twice a year or every month, but every single day of the year! Every day should be an opportunity for us to learn more about each other and how we can be more involved in each other’s lives. Every day we need to become more passionate in our interactions with others.

It’s easier said than done, but definitely applicable on a large scale if many people around the world start applying this way of living! With every person who you pass this message to, someone new around the world can be touched and moved by it. What is missing from our world today, is genuine unity among the masses.

We are more divided than ever and no particular person or group is to blame. The reality is that our human nature has not evolved much beyond selfishness. And in order to alter our human nature, it starts with as many people around the world applying the notion of Thanksgiving being every day.

It’s possible to change our course of reality, but it cannot be done with 10, 100 or 10,000 people here and there. This calls for a worldwide implementation of acceptance and unity on a grand scale; a platform based on unconditional love extending to all parts of the world; a new modern-day hippie movement!

And together we can!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


7 Replies to “Thanksgiving Should Be Every Day”

  1. Great post. When someone has a good idea that could benefit people all over the world I always think: make a movie about it. Get the best screenwriter, producer, director. Use actors who are talented but not famous. Then people say, well no studio in Hollywood would make such a movie. Ok, then start your own studio. Say your movie has to do with Christianity. Go to the very wealthiest Christian philanthropists and pitch your idea. It’s called venture capitalism. Movies have the strongest, most effective ability to reach people from all walks of life. They could change the world

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      1. It’s been done but not successfully. Critics don’t like faith based movies. Only exception would be Mel Gibson and “the Passion of the Christ” which brought many people to Christianity. Unfortunately, Mel was discredited shortly after the film released due to his DWI and adultery scandals. So naturally many people, thinking he’s a hypocrite, wouldn’t even give the movie a chance.

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      2. I’m not even thinking on the scale of movies – I’m thinking about a platform – a gathering larger than the pope’s. Something loving and touching in person.


      3. Remember Live Aid in the 80s? You’re probably too young. There was a terrible drought in Ethiopia and thousands of people were dying. One man, Bob Geldolf, organized a huge live music event held in London. It was highly publicized and broadcasted all over the world. The top names in music performed that day. Donations poured in, all of which went to aid the starving Ethiopians. One man did this. He had vision and courage. What has happened since then to aid the poor or to raise awareness for social issues? Too often politics gets involved and screws it all up. Corruption is rampant. If I send money to buy a poor family in Africa a goat or a cow, how do I know that actually happens? The UN sends aid all over spending billions but what is accomplished? Doctors Without Borders needs medical staff to go into impoverished remote places but how many doctors are willing to risk their lives to do that?

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