Working During Thanksgiving

Staying Positive During The Holidays

Some of us have to work during Thanksgiving week and on Thanksgiving day. Remaining positive during this week may prove to be a challenge for some, as many people have taken this week off to be with their families and friends. But even if you are by yourself and working, remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with going to work and doing your job!

The important thing is to find meaning in what you do. When you do this, the idea of working during a holiday week becomes less painful and distracting; you end up putting yourself in a good state of mind. You see, holidays are outside factors which influence you within. But if you can learn how to influence yourself, then outside factors become less impactful.

You can also remind yourself that you are not the only one working during this week. Millions of people around the world and in the United States are working during this week; you are not unique in this regard! Continue to go to work and do your best! Find satisfaction in what you do and aim to continuously improve yourself and your circumstances.

The last thing that you want to do is to go to work miserable this week, thinking that everyone else has taken off. This is a pessimistic and self-destructive mentality. You are allowing your mind to play tricks on you, because you very well know that many people continue to work during the holidays.

If you are working on Thanksgiving, let The DSM Ready community know! We are here to help each other out whenever we are feeling sad, stressed or anxious about certain situations in our lives!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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