Best Black Friday Deals

Being With The Ones You Love

Here is an example of a day which we mentally and emotionally flock to, hoping to score the best deals on materialism. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying materialism, it’s important to understand that it will not bring you potent happiness that can last you a lifetime. The potent happiness that will last you a lifetime is obtained by being around your loved ones.

When we seek materialism, we are searching for a source of happiness that comes outside of us. The difference between this outside source of happiness and others, is that the concept of materialism is similar to a drug: the more you have it, the more you want it. It all has to do with the pleasure center in our brain called the Nucleus Accumbens.

The pleasure center is responsible for rewarding us with dopamine, a feel-good chemical messenger released when we perform pleasurable activities. In this case, directing our attention and energy on scoring the best Black Friday deals, revs up our dopamine neurons which reward us with pleasure and good feelings.

The best deal that you can receive on Black Friday is the presence of your loved ones. Nothing compares to having your spouse, parents, children, family members and pets around you for a nice long weekend! It’s family that brings you love, peace and happiness. When you replace materialism with family, then that’s when you know that you have lost touch with the values of life.

We often search for more in our lives because we have a very deadly habit of taking things for granted. When we take things for granted, we no longer appreciate them as much as we once did. Our attention becomes directed to other things in life, such as drugs, alcohol, materialism and lust.

When we take things for granted, we often lose them sometime down the road, tormenting us and inflicting mental and even somatic pain for years to come. We then heavily turn to drugs, alcohol or lust to alleviate our pain, and the process repeats itself until we end up in a psychiatric hospital or rehab.

The best Black Friday deal is right before your eyes: your family, friends and pets! And you have already received the greatest blessing from God: life itself.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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