Hungry For More

Elevate Your Status

Hunger comes within; it cannot be given, bought or borrowed. You must go deep inside yourself and extract the source of your hunger; sometimes it may take many years to find it. But when you do, you’ll notice it glowing potently like an aurora. This aurora is what will keep you pushing for more!

Your hunger will definitely fluctuate from day to day. You may wake up at times and ask, “where in the world did last night take me?” These are the roughest days when your motivation becomes absent from the previous day, leaving you empty-handed. But don’t become discouraged when this happens; your aurora is still glowing beneath the surface!

On the days which your hunger growls louder than your hungriest moments, is when you utilize your aurora to shine and get things done! When you’re turned on, anything can be accomplished. On these particular days, you’ll find yourself harnessing potent energy which can be utilized for anything that you desire.

As time passes and you accomplish more of your dreams and goals, your hunger and status will also start to elevate, establishing a positive correlation. The key is to maintain this direction towards the northern lights for as long as possible. The more that you shoot for them, the higher the likelihood of becoming a star!

But one important point worth mentioning, is to maintain your humility and warm nature throughout the process. Many people make the mistake of allowing stardom to take over their personalities, resulting in a transformation of the soul. What good is it to gain the whole universe at the expense of your spirituality?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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