Fast Food Once In A While

There Is No Such Thing As Perfection

Maintaining a healthy eating habit can be quite challenging, especially if you love eating just about anything under the sun. The key is to implement discipline, maintain your motivation and determination and to avoid any shortcuts. But there is no such thing as perfection, when it comes to eating food.

You can have one of the healthiest diets in the world and still be overweight, due to your sloth-like nature. Without exercising, healthy food can still lead you to become overweight. Therefore, you need to apply both strategies in order to remain fit and maintain a healthy weight: exercise at least 2-3 times a week and eat healthy food on a consistent basis.

However, fast food once in a while is okay too! Most health freaks would argue that fast food should be avoided at all costs; even an ounce of that White Castle Original Slider is the end of it all! While it’s true that fast food is not healthy, once in a while, it is healthy in another type of way: your mental wellbeing.

Wait . . . you’re probably a little confused on what you just read: “fast food once in a while, is good for my mental wellbeing?” That is correct. You see, as much as you want to lead a perfect life by eating healthy as much as possible and exercising habitually, you need to also appreciate diversity in your life, even if it presents in different shapes and forms.

By eating some fast food here and there, you become human again by putting aside all of that stress and pressure to maintain perfection. Guess who are the type of people who most of the time, end up developing anorexia nervosa? They’re actually perfectionistic girls with type A personality features!

Perfection is good to strive for, but it can sometimes drive you into the ground! That’s why it’s very important, that from time to time, you step out of your daily routine and reward yourself with something different; even if it’s not that healthy for you! In the case of eating, that may include pleasuring yourself with some tasty fast food!

Life is definitely about being smart, healthy and fit. But if you sacrifice your happiness and pleasure, then what kind of life are you even living?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


15 Replies to “Fast Food Once In A While”

  1. I’m “forty something” female. Have put on about 10 pounds over my ideal weight. But it’s cool. Part of aging. I never exercise and I eat whatever I want. It’s a balanced diet. I’m not a fan of fast food. But I regularly eat ice cream, carbs, sugar, red meat. I put butter on things. Do I just have good genes? Am I going to blow up when I hit menopause?

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    1. Genetics play a huge role, especially in your case I would presume, since you don’t exercise and eat whatever. It doesn’t mean you’ll gain wait when you hit menopause however. But it would help to exercise – many benefits overall.


      1. Yes I know. I exercise in phases. Like a year off, a year on. It’s beneficial for mental health of course. Even I you just go out and walk your dog. Movement is key. Being out in nature is wonderful for stress. Maybe I’ll go for a walk today! Thanks Dr 😀

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      2. Ha! I really don’t want to disappoint you, coach, but I don’t foresee much more than a mile or two a day. You see, and this sounds like an excuse, because it is, I’m just not at all athletic! I was a klutz in sports. Picked last for dodgeball. My only strength was in swimming. Love love love to swim! Had a pool growing up and was out there all day, every day all summer. I pretended I was a mermaid 😀

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      3. Would love that! But I am without a pool or a club membership and public pools here are nasty. On a note of optimism: my son and I should be able to start looking for a new house soon. And a pool is on my list!!!
        Oh yes and I’m moody as hell. Thus the name. I decided to embrace the word. Much like the way gay people took back the word “queer” and now they own that bitch! Honestly and truly, I’m not very moody these days due to lithium. Now I’m quite chill ❤️😀💥😎

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      4. My dream date would be with a psychiatrist. A tall handsome one. My second choice would be a plastic surgeon…lol. Sure we could do therapy. We could take turns. You, doing it properly. Then me, breaking all the rules, interjecting potentially harmful opinions and advice, and of course, making your session more about ME. I may even end it by sobbing, crying out “why me, God? Why me?”

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      5. Haha….I’m kidding. I’m not usually a big talker. I enjoy listening and asking questions. Unless you’re one of my besties, then I’ll blow your phone up. But psychiatrists don’t do therapy do they? Or are you unique?

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