Single People Are The Best

When Relationships Are Not A Factor

Many single people complain that they are not in a relationship or that they will never find someone special. This is understandable, because not many people like being single, except those with schizoid personality disorder. A single life may lead to sadness, boredom and a sense of not being emotionally fulfilled. But on the other hand, single people have many great attributes!

Single people are great at being responsible. They have managed to lead an independent life, without relying on others for help, satisfaction or entertainment. They know how to get things done in time and in a quality manner. You can almost always rely on a single person, because they have been forced to accept responsibility when not having been in a relationship.

Single people know how to have fun! Because they do not have a partner to commit to, they must come up with activities to keep them busy. Some of these activities include playing sports, going out, working out and just about anything creative that they can think of. There are no limitations to the single life.

Single people are resilient! By not being in a relationship, they have learned how to handle emotional pain and hardships. Their strength especially shines during times of adversity and challenging quests. By being able to handle hardships while being single, they have learned to come up with effective solutions to life’s most toughest problems; and they implement the solutions quite effectively.

Single people are very motivated! With no relationship looming over their shoulders, they have time to come up with creative ideas and seek new patterns and ways of living. This gives them the freedom and flexibility to adopt new states of mind, which may help set them up for a more prosperous future.

Are you single? And why? Feel free to share your story on The DSM Platform.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


2 Replies to “Single People Are The Best”

  1. I’m single. Was married 12 years now divorced for 9. I’ve dated but hadn’t clicked with anyone until about a year ago. I just ended what was a rocky relationship. I weighed the pros (he’s too much work, I’d rather be alone) with the cons (I’m going to be lonely) and decided I was better off alone. What bothers me is the stigma. People think (and say to me) oh…poor thing…you’ve been single 9 years now? Must be hard. And people look down on me (what’s wrong with you? You can’t keep a man?). I’m in my 40s and I can tell you (along with every single woman my age that I know) the available men in my age group are just lacking. The good ones are all taken and I’m left with…the undesirables

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