East Coast Arctic Blast

Studying During Cold Weather

Find a cozy corner by the heater, a window to look out of just in case big flaky drops of snow make landfall, a warm cup of caramel coffee and a great book to read from! When cold weather makes an appearance, this becomes the perfect time to start studying and improving your knowledge on a certain topic.

During the summer, the excuse becomes, “it’s too nice out! I can’t focus on these books.” But during fall and into the winter season, the cold weather has some of us hibernating like polar bears. This becomes an amazing time to get warm and cozy while learning new concepts, about whatever it is you would like to learn about.

Utilize the winter time to read as many book as you can! During spring, it becomes too nice out to always stay indoors to read. And during summer . . . well, that’s even harder to read through. If you’re struggling with the motivation to study, then winter time is the perfect opportunity for you to start opening up those books.

Unfortunately, winter time is also when many people develop seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This is when one becomes depressed during winter time only, but the depressive symptoms go away once spring follows. If you are struggling with SAD, this does not mean that you cannot study efficiently!

What it means is that you must see a psychiatrist and get the recommended therapy. In this case, this is usually an antidepressant, psychotherapy and light therapy. But what is missing from this prescription? You guessed it! Reading. Reading keeps your mind active and distracts you from depression.

It’s winter time folks. Whether you have SAD or not, ’tis the season to get your cerebrum fired up on some awesome reading material!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


4 Replies to “East Coast Arctic Blast”

  1. I’ve never been diagnosed with that specifically, but my depression is DEFINITELY worse in the winter than any other time. I’m extremely introverted by nature, so I truly do try and hibernate 🤣 Probably doesn’t help

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