Why Is Everyone Talking About Area 51?

Curiosity Killed The Cat

What the human mind cannot observe in person, it craves unconsciously in order to learn more about it. When you don’t have the answer to a certain question, you become more motivated to seek and discover an explanation. Curiosity is innate in all human beings; we want to be able to learn more about the unknown.

Area 51 is a highly classified United States Air Force facility in Nevada, that has historically been tied to the Roswell UFO incident. It is believed that in 1947, a UFO crashed and the United States military recovered the extraterrestrial occupants, eventually leading to a possible cover-up. Ever since then, conspiracy theories have surrounded this military base and UFOs in general.

It is not surprising to see certain ideas or conspiracy theories make a resurgence. People want to obtain information to which they have no access to. If it weren’t for curiosity, humans wouldn’t have made the advancements which we see and observe in present day.

For many people, information is like an addicting drug: the more you obtain it, the more you want to keep digging. Information provides people with new ideas and alternative ways of viewing life; it stimulates them like a breath of fresh air. But sometimes certain information may get you into trouble!

The reality is that being inquisitive about other people’s affairs or seeking unnecessary investigations may get you into trouble. There are many sources of information, but many of these sources may also not come from a good place. When you go sniffing around where you are not supposed to, dangerous situations may arise!

It’s always best to keep your curiosity to a minimum in regards to controversial information. If you’re meant to discover new information, then it will happen without you investigating and inquiring about every source of information that is out there. The risk you impose on yourself by continuously inquiring on new information, is many times not worth the effort to begin with.

In the grand scheme of things, area 51, the JFK assassination or 9/11 are examples of situations in which people don’t feel satisfied with the answers which have been provided to them; they want new details that will stimulate their minds. And there is nothing wrong with curiosity, as long as the information which you are seeking will not place you into hot water.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


7 Replies to “Why Is Everyone Talking About Area 51?”

  1. I have never been a conspiracy person. Until I stumbled upon a YouTube video of an interview with an esteemed journalist regarding 911. So I bought his book. It is very hard now for me to buy the official 911 story given by Washington and mainstream media. The conclusions I have drawn from that book scare the hell out of me!

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    1. I would say, always keep an open mind to both sides of the story. There are definitely people out there with an agenda to twist the potentially official story, out of kicks. But then again, the official story can be the one that’s twisted. Come up with your own conclusions.


      1. I think they do and there is a huge amount we don’t know and knowledge is intentionally stifled but if I wanted to keep something hidden and had endless power I would plant red herrings everywhere too.


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