Happy Veteran’s Day

The Price Of Freedom

We often take holidays for granted, not actually appreciating the meaning behind their existence. We become selfish and only care that we have a day off from work. But what about the actual representation of the holiday? As for veteran’s day, this is a time to pay respect to the fallen ones who stood up for our country, and for those who stand up for our country every day!

It’s very easy to forget how difficult it is to give up your life for the military. It takes courage, strength and a big heart! It’s not about the lack of education or resources that drives one to enlist in the military. Even if these factors play a role in some, the biggest factor by far is patriotism!

Not all of us have the courage, right intent or interest to join the military. And that is totally fine! But we must at least remember those who have, and their role in protecting us overseas. We are fighting against an ideology based on brainwashing and evilness; an entity who wants to destroy the western world.

And our soldiers are out there in dangerous terrain, giving up their lives for us! The least that we can do is to pray for them and their families, and show them the recognition and respect in which they deserve. These men and women undergo intense physical and mental training, but nothing compares to their big hearts!

How about the military personnel protecting our airports against sociopaths and terrorists? It’s because of them that we feel comfortable and safe when we are standing in line at the terminal. Let us not distance ourselves from the military and the police. We must remember that they are doing their job and are here to help us.

The price of freedom should not be forgotten. The DSM Ready Movement is about uniting everyone around the world who has a heart and soul, and wants to improve the way of the world!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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