Why The Mind Is So Complex

The Intricacies Of The Mind

Part of the reason why mental illnesses are difficult to treat has to do with the complex nature of the human mind. Every person has their own beliefs, ways of viewing the world, character traits, opinions and ways of reasoning things out. What may work for one, does not necessarily work for another.

That’s part of the reason why medications such as antipsychotics or antidepressants do not have the same response in every patient. All of these medications are working in the same way on every person’s brain, but their minds are not necessarily working in the same on the medications.

That’s also why psychiatry is not all about writing prescriptions and seeing the patient in a couple of weeks. For all the patients who do experience this kind of care, then it should be your responsibility to search for a new psychiatrist; one that cares for you on a human level.

Psychiatric patients need time, patience and understanding from their providers. Psychiatrists need time, patience and understanding from their patients. This is the common ground that must be arrived at, in order for the patient to fully benefit from treatment. When one party is underperforming, then the other party becomes effected negatively.

It can be frustrating as a patient to share all of the intricacies of your mind, because you may feel that your psychiatrist is becoming inpatient or frustrated as well. But great psychiatrists do not lose patience! We are here to help you guys reach a stable and happy state of mind, where you can live a life full of joy and greatness once again!

No one is saying that it will be an easy journey to live a life full of joy and greatness once again, but losing hope should definitely not be on anyone’s agenda! The more that you try to live a better life, the easier it will become down the road to achieving it. It takes time and persistence, but with a positive outlook on life, anything is possible!

Whenever you feel like losing hope because your mind feels like it’s giving up on you, share that experience and concern with your psychiatrist! We are here to provide encouragement and support on how to restructure your thought processes, and take back control over your mind.

We are here to help.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


2 Replies to “Why The Mind Is So Complex”

  1. This is all so true. I think when one finally goes to get help, they’re looking for a quick fix, especially if they have any addictions — quick fixes are what they are all about. People have to be patient and let the processes, both medicinal and talk therapy, to do their work in time…and like you said, that’s only if the situation is perfect. You need the right meds and to be working with the right people. But once you find them, it can be live saving and life changing. It was for me.

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