Prince Harry Mental Health

Even The Wealthiest Among Us Suffer

Prince Harry has come out of the shadows to admit that he has suffered for years from blocked emotions, mini-breakdowns, panic attacks and rage. This news should bring us excitement, not because of his suffering, but because it reinforces the idea that nobody is immune to mental health issues; mental health has no boundaries.

Many people suffer from mental health issues because they have never properly grieved a death in their family. It is actually very common, even among substance-abuse patients. They believe that by turning to a substance that will help numb the pain away, they can forget about the death.

But substances do not help forget about the death, they just bury the pain deeper into the unconscious mind. But once a substance is stopped, guess what slowly crawls back to the surface? Others don’t turn to substances, but constantly suppress the memories related to their loved one who has passed away.

By constantly suppressing memories and not grieving, the emotions slowly build up overtime. Once a trigger makes an appearance, it greatly increases the chances of the emotions spilling out and causing a massive breakdown. Massive breakdowns may be just the right amount of trigger to cause a serious depression or psychotic break.

We cannot progress in the field of mental health without honesty and open dialogue. We need everyone to come forward and admit to their struggles. Share it on The DSM Ready community and help others to come out as well. We need all the help we can get, and this will only be achieved via honesty and communication!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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