Different Personalities

Everyone Is Different

If you expect the people around you to behave and respond in a way that you always prefer, then you will never find peace and comfort within. You will run into many different people in life, some ripe and some rotten. It’s not about controlling those around you, but controlling yourself and learning how to deal with your surroundings in a healthy way.

Some people are just uncomfortable to be around with: they may be verbally aggressive, manipulative, give off bad vibes or simply make you feel uncomfortable. If you try to battle through your interactions with these types of people, it’s almost guaranteed that you will feel miserable.

You want to arrive at a place where you are being yourself, but while also knowing how to effectively interact with difficult people. This means that you should want to learn how they function and what buttons to avoid pushing. This strategy is for protecting yourself and making your relationships easier to handle.

But you don’t want to be fake or adopt a different character. You want to make it on their good side, while still being yourself and upholding your opinions, values and beliefs. Just because someone is naturally more stern and uncomfortable to be around with, does not mean that you have to make a “wardrobe character change.”

Emotional intelligence is the ability to successfully interact with different personalities that life puts into your presence. Those who are emotionally intelligent experience many trials and errors: something that works with one person may not work with another, and on and on until success is achieved.

Trial and error provides you with experience and knowledge on how to deal with different human beings. But the most important point is to always be yourself! After all, what’s the point of making it on someone’s good side at the expense of your true self? At best, you’ll feel superficially comfortable and internally miserable.

Just be yourself.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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