National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Upholding Respect For Women

Domestic violence affects both men and women; it sees no boundaries. But as you can imagine, it affects more women however. The act of abusing anyone, but in particular your partner, is outright immoral and degrading of character. This month, we intend to unite and stand against domestic violence in all parts of the world.

Domestic violence roots itself from psychological conflicts: a sense of control, narcissism, lack of empathy, insecurity, etc. Many men who abuse women feel entitled and take out their anger onto them; they view women as the weaker object who they can displace their frustrations upon.

Many battered women remain with their aggressive boyfriends or husbands out of fear of speaking out. They believe that if they do, their partners will batter them even harder. Some women believe that by “obeying” their partners, their brutality will lessen. This usually is never the case.

Domestic violence awareness month is not an outlet to put down men and promote a feministic movement. Men are not better than women and vice verse. This movement should be about uniting women to stand against men who psychologically and physically abuse them.

Keep in mind that men who abuse women are suffering from a character pathology (personality disorders) or a mental illness. They should not be looked down upon as savages who should be shot dead. All humans were created equal but mental illness does not equally affect all humans!

Therefore, domestic violence awareness month should also keep in mind the role that mental illness and character pathology have to play in human relations. Keep in mind as well, that many women who are victims are also dependent on their partners; they cannot or at least refuse to survive by themselves.

Domestic violence and mental illness have no boundaries. We are all victims to some extent. Our role should be to unite and to stand up for each other!

Together we can. Together we will. Together we are DSM!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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