Evil Thoughts

Living With Evil Thoughts

We all experience evil thoughts; some more than others. Evil means profoundly immoral and wicked. What is evil for someone may not necessarily be evil for someone else. But in general, there are many evil thoughts that are universally agreed upon as being immoral.

The reality is that you cannot escape evil thoughts; they are here to stay. That’s because there is no way to control what thoughts pop into your mind. But there is a way to control how you deal with evil thoughts! If you find yourself struggling with evil thoughts, then you have not found the right way to deal with them.

There is no secret to properly dealing with evil thoughts; you won’t find a magical way of putting an end to them. You can meditate all you want but even that won’t take them away. But there is one way that will help you control them: just letting them be and not reacting to them.

You may ask, “how?! They are just so damn powerful and disturbing!” You are definitely right about that! Evil thoughts make you want to bang your head against the wall. But guess what happens when you give in? They just keep coming back, trying to make you go crazy.

The best way to deal with evil thoughts is to not react to them; allow them to pop into your head and just be. Don’t even try to ignore them; ignoring is a reaction! Just let them be and don’t care about them. You will find that the less you react to evil thoughts, the easier it becomes to live your life in peace.

And the evil thoughts will start to not matter anymore; they won’t bother you any longer. Evil thoughts have a life of their own but so do you! By not reacting to them, you allow them to live in the background while you are focusing on your life! Consider them parasitic; so be it. But you are not affected by this parasite!

You are in charge of your mind!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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