Disconnected By Different Realities

Living In Different Worlds

We commute on the same highways. We go to the same grocery stores. We hit up the same gyms. Yet, we are all living in different worlds. Our mind is where everything takes place; our surroundings is just the playground we share. But how come we still find ourselves disconnected from each other?

This is because our reality is based on our perception, not what actually happens in the physical world. We both could be standing at a red light waiting for it to turn green, and not even notice that we’re five feet away from each other. This is how powerful our internal world is; it many times blinds us from the outside world which is our surroundings.

But this is part of the problem of why humanity is becoming more disconnected, selfish and self-centered; technology doesn’t help either. We are becoming more self-absorbed, focusing only on what is important to us, at the expense of meaningful relationships. We are losing touch.

When we lose touch as a whole, mental illness remains divided, not allowing us to come together to help one another. That’s why we hear stories of lone wolves committing shooting sprees, celebrities found dead in their hotel rooms and suicide rates climbing among adolescents.

In reality, we all live in the same world, under the same rules and sharing similar resources. But the more we tune out from each other, the more distant we become from each other’s feelings; our connections fumble. And when this happens, we wonder why we feel lonely and sad.

Loneliness is not always due to our surroundings. There are always people available for you to communicate with. But because we have a tendency to “live in our own world”, we become disconnected from potentially meeting new people in our environment. In other words, someone is always available around the corner to be approached, but are you?

The solution is to step out of our ego and come together to share quality time. We need to become more aware of our surroundings and less self-absorbed. We need to make things less about “me” and more about “us.” The DSM Ready Movement is already doing this. Are you part of it yet?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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