Sleep Hygiene

Sleeping More Efficiently

It’s not about sleeping more or less. Sleeping too much takes away time from potentially important activities which you can be doing. Sleeping too little contributes to fatigue and decreased work performance. You have to discover the happy medium where you are getting just the right amount of sleep.

Sleep hygiene is a concept based on the fact that one needs to avoid certain behaviors in order to fall into a good sleep. Inconsistent bedtimes contribute to poor sleep because your brain is not being allowed to adjust to one particular hour of falling asleep. The same applies with inconsistent wakeup times.

Besides no electronics in the bedroom, soda or alcohol prior to bedtime and no intensive exercising a few hours before going to sleep, you also need to listen to your mind and body! Many of us don’t listen to our tired mind because we are too preoccupied with staying up and getting more done.

Especially adolescents; they have a difficult time listening to their mind because they are distracted by video games, texting, calling or watching Netflix. What they are essentially doing is ignoring their mind’s request for proper sleep. This results in less efficient sleep and feeling more tired during the day.

The reason we are so hesitant on getting a proper night’s rest is because many of us find sleep to be boring. We’d rather be up accomplishing something. The fighting spirit is great to have but not when it impacts your physical and mental well-being. Do not forget the basics; they always come first!

Learn to be efficient during the day and while you sleep. You become efficient during your sleep by adopting a proper sleep hygiene and listening to your mind when it’s telling you that it’s tired. Sometimes you just have to drop what it is that you are doing and go to sleep.

It will pay off the next day with a bright smile on your mind’s face!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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