Life Is Too Short To Be Bitter

Life’s Obstacles

No matter how many times we hear the saying “you cannot always get what you want,” we still find the energy to become bitter and negative. What do we stand to gain from hating the world when something doesn’t go our way? Instead, we put ourselves in a position of losing more than we anticipated.

As soon as you change your mentality and accept that fact that anything can go wrong in life, you will become more prepared and equipped to deal with life’s obstacles. There’s a difference between becoming angry and recovering in a healthy manner than becoming angry and remaining bitter for days on end.

One reason many people become bitter is because their expectations are way too high. When they consistently do not see the results which they desire, they become bitter and pessimistic. They start to adopt a “what the hell” mentality and believe that life is to blame.

In reality, it doesn’t matter so much who is at fault; it’s how you deal with the event. If you happen to be at fault, then learn from your mistakes and move on. By adopting a mature and responsible mentality where you acknowledge your mistakes and attempt to learn from them, you will set yourself up for better outcomes in the near future.

But people who fail to learn from their mistakes usually repeat them again at some point in the future. And this is what promotes this vicious cycle of bitterness and possible burnout. They’ve exhausted their optimism and positive energy and end up settling for less. It’s very sad when one doesn’t reach their full potential because of dysregulated emotions.

Be smart. Stay positive. Talk to someone about it.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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